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Navigating People and Brands Through Cultural Change

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Industry veterans and seasoned brand builder entering the cannabis space.

AI & Data

Miraculo collects data for various value adding applications and products.


Targeted algorithmic advertising through affiliate and online sponsorship.

Know This First

Confusion, Clutter and a Lack of Authority

Growth and user adoption is outpacing the distribution of trusted and verified data in category leadership.

A Little Of Our Story

Miraculo is UNLIKE every other cannabis focused platform

  • Strong foundation: 12,000 medically focused keyword specific domains
  • Non advocate: we are the ONLY non-advocacy platform for trusted, premium authoritative content
  • Ask the experts: proprietary data and analytics that delivers precision knowledge to individuals, endemic industry, LPs and Pharma
The Hallmarks of Our Identity

Brands and Assets that Put Us Ahead of the Competition

Our Expert-Derived Authority
and Influence

Pioneering data and media in the cannabis space, the combination of what each of us brings to the table gives us a highly competitive edge on the growing market, supported by a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience.

G. Scott Paterson, chairman and co founder of Miraculo Inc.

G. Scott Paterson

Chairman & Co-Founder

Michael Klein, Chief Executive Officer of Miraculo Inc.

Michael Klein

Chief Executive Officer

Rory Millikin, co founder and co chairman of Miraculo Inc.

Rory Millikin


Jennifer Romolini, editor in chief of Miraculo Inc.

Jennifer Romilini

Editor In Chief

Joshua Neilly, chief growth officer at Miraculo Inc.

Joshua Neilly

Chief Growth Officer

Mark Jafar, head of communications and partnerships at Miraculo Inc.

Mark Jafar

Partnerships & Communications

Dr. June Chin, medical advisor at Miraculo Inc.

Dr June Chin

Medical Advisor

Dr Matt Montee

Medical Advisor

Audrey Sommerfeld, MLM advisor at Miraculo Inc.

Audrey Sommerfeld

MLM Advisor

Andre Drummer, Nutrition advisor at Miraculo Inc.

Andrea Drummer

Nutrition Expert

Lisa Valintino, head of revenue strategy at Miraculo Inc.

Lisa Valentino

Revenue Strategy

Nitin Kaushal, Strategic advisor at Miraculo Inc.

Nitin Kaushal

Strategic Advisor

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