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On CBD and Medical Cannabis

cannabisMD is the only non-advocacy, consumer-education platform to independently explore the potential benefits of medical cannabis and CBD. Featuring premium and authoritative content – including original articles, research, podcasts, video and more – from a team of medical experts and journalists, cannabisMD empowers consumers to make smarter choices and take control of their health and wellness journey.


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We have examined many different categories that cannabis could fall into. On cannabisMD, we discuss how Health, News, Beauty, and Lifestyle are being affected within the current stage of cannabis legalization. We keep everything up to date with official research, including any major changes in cannabis regulation.

Elevating the Work of Professionals

Our aim at cannabisMD is to improve overall awareness of medical cannabis and CBD. We hope to be a leading platform for patient and consumer, and to elevate the work of competent entrepreneurs and medical experts.

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