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One business, multiple unique opportunities to engage in the nascent cannabis industry.

cannabisMD is the only non-advocacy, consumer-education platform to independently explore the potential benefits of medical cannabis and CBD.  Featuring premium and authoritative content – including original articles, research, podcasts, video and more – from a team of medical experts and journalists, cannabisMD empowers consumers to make smarter choices and take control of their health and wellness journey.

GodsGreenery is the first online community where Christians can access reliable information, research and stories about the use of Cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive, natural components of hemp and cannabis. By providing a safe destination with premium and trustworthy content through a faith lens – including original articles, research, podcasts, video and more – we are empowering Christian consumers to take control of their health and wellness journey.

Knowledge Navigator is a sophisticated tool that combines advanced analytical and modeling tools with the latest A.I. technology to make sense of the oceans of existing data – as well as the emerging body of verifiable cannabis data. Knowledge Navigator identifies what people truly want from brands based on the totality of their behaviors exhibited online, in search and in social media. This encompasses consumers’ fundamental values and attitudes, their media habits, their social sentiment, and even social influence. Crucially, Knowledge Navigator also flags and excludes misleading content and fake news. With Knowledge Navigator you can have a higher level of confidence in the resulting actions you take for your business.

Our Expert-Derived Authority
and Influence

Our executives and advisors come to us with decades of world-class data and media experience which gives Miraculo a highly competitive edge in the growing cannabis media market. A team of seasoned, successful brand builders and growth strategists from companies such as Condé Nast, Viacom, Discovery, BuzzFeed, Yahoo and ESPN.

Michael Klein

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. June Chin, medical advisor at Miraculo Inc.

Dr June Chin

Medical Advisor

Jordan Tishler

Medical Advisor

Jennifer Romilini

Editor In Chief

Andrea Drummer

Food Editor

Natalie Gillespie

Editor In Chief, God's Greenery

Audrey Sommerfeld

Head of Strategy, God's Greenery

Steve Henig

Chief Formulation Officer, God's Greenery

Joshua Neilly

Chief Growth Officer

Luke Corr

Chief Creative Officer

Angela Vogel

Revenue Strategy

Nitin Kaushal

Strategic Advisor

G. Scott Paterson

Co-Chairman & Co-Founder

Rory Millikin

Co-Chairman and Co-Founder

Sara Lee Irwin


Julie McClure


Michael Klein

Chief Executive Officer

Fraser Clarke


Robert Travis


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